dear 2015,

i am standing here, on the brink of a bridge that is made of time. very soon, you will be separated from my life and i would start a new journey to a futile future. before you are long gone, i want to thank you, for all the joy that you brought. you made me a better person over the course of the year. here is how:


i ate healthy than the previous year. almost no soda, no junk food, preferred plant-based food over animal based.

i read 5 non-academic books. in a hope of going paperless reading, i bought a tablet few years ago. but honestly, tablet turned out to be a distraction for me. too many functions in it refrained me from what i wanted to do: reading. instead, i started browsing, watching movies, or reading emails. so i decided to ditch the tablet, and opted in for an e-book reader: light, long-lasting, distraction free, and does one job good! i am loving it.

one of my favourite taglines is “when i don’t read- i write”. i kept doing it throughout 2015. but not as much as i wanted to. i wrote two articles, two letters, one poem; apart from endless academic reports, exams, project reports, thesis.

i travelled some of my favourite places this year. in the first quarter, i visited copenhagen, gothenburg. i revisited new york, portland and boston in may. also went to las vegas for the first time. around mid-year, i went to munich and zurich. i went back to paris in september and rome was visited in october. in november, i went to budapest for the master school graduation ceremony.

i made some changes in my habit. i do not leave my phone reachable for calling when i go to sleep. i put it in airplane mode. i no longer check emails or social media right after waking up in the morning while i am still on bed. instead, i put my coffee pot on stove! i uninstalled my facebook/twitter app from phone. two benefits for me: it freed up space from phone’s limited memory and it also refrained me from checking social media often. now i am in browser only mode. i do not reply emails as it arrives. i would wait and take my time.

i ran more often than that of the previous year. now i run twice a week. 12 kms in total. i was happy to see  some friends and colleagues joining me in nike and run keeper app.

i lost many things in this year. at the begining of the year. i lost my hope to love someone who i thought i would be able to. then in may, i lost passport, macbook air, headphones ( all were in my handbag). in august, i had to let go an old love ( again :p). i lost two plants in the late spring. i was upset – they were full of flowers. i lost some relatives. lastly, i lost 4kg of weight and a wisdom tooth!

nevertheless, 2015, you will be remembered. oh! the countdown has begun for welcoming 2016; i must let you go…




berlin, germany

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