The first day of 2018 is almost ending. Still, my subconscious mind was left in ’17. Holding onto past is quite habitual. There is not much expectation from ’18, for I noticed only odd years have been lucky for me. I better sit back and count 7 to 17:

The beginning of the year was bumpy. The bitterness in relationship status that started the year before reaching its peak in the first quadrant of ‘17.

Just like the newly grown green leaves of spring trees, my desire to go back to Dhaka bloomed. Hastily left Berlin with a costly ticket. I said goodbye to Dhaka to get a warm welcome in Dubai. Mesmerized seeing those highrises.

While my hope to get a new job was high, the doctor found an infection in the lower abdomen. For the first time in life, I was under a doctor’s knife. Nightlong unconsciousness on the hospital bed ended in the next morning as the unhospitable nurse forced me to get released fast. I came home and broke 26-hour fasting.

Year-long decision about my job contract prolongation finally concluded with a long-term extension. My workload got heavier, so was I!

Then came the fifth month of the year when I need to change my age in all profiles, this time I wanted to change my address too. Hunting for a new flat started by pushing a crowd of hundred people.

Touring continued, and added six new cities: Turin, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, Dresden, , Malaga, and Porto.


Here comes the number seven, I was in heaven to meet many old friends. To my utter surprise, motherly ‘Ellen Moy” came to visit me from Maine.

Finally, the weak wintry sun casts a shadow on my window. Now its time to let 2017 go!

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